Party Role Play Victima

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Organize your own murder mystery party!

The rules are simple and the killer is randomly determined so you can play repeatedly 🙂

All you need to throw an unforgettable murder mystery party is our kit, space and friends (4 to 11 people). Everything else is up to you.

The set contains basic playing cards and one scenario

  • Card Teller – 1
  • scenario – 1
  • instructions – 1
  • clue cards – 10
  • Special Role Card – 11
  • Hero Cards – 2


Buy Victima party role-playing game and play with friends!

Open the door to your imagination with our party role-playing game and together with your friends organize your own murder investigation mystery party!

Saturday. Gorgeous evening. Delicious food and drinks. You and your guests are dressed in elegant clothes, enjoying a gala dinner hosted by a dear friend. But when the lights go down and the music fades, a chilling discovery quells the evening’s festivities – a murder has been committed and everyone present becomes a suspect! Everyone has a motive, but also an alibi, and so the mystery gets more and more tangled!

With the Victima party role-playing game you will become detectives, suspects and narrators in an exciting story of mystery and suspense.

Here’s how to organize the most exciting murder investigation mystery party for your friends:

  1. Set the sceneA: Start by choosing a date, place and time for your party. The place can be anywhere – at home, in the park, in the mountains, on the beach, around the pool, in the garden – anywhere where it is comfortable to gather the number of people you have chosen and there is space for movement.
  1. Send invitationsA: On our product page, we have invitations that we have created for you that you can download absolutely free. Include details of the date, location, time, whose murder mystery you will be investigating and if desired the dress code of the evening (you may choose to use themed costumes and/or accessories)
  1. Prepare food and drinksA: Delight your guests with a menu appropriate to the theme of the evening, if you have chosen one, or prepare small sweets and savories. You can ask them to fetch too :). When in the mood to add a touch of opulence to the party, you can serve elegant cocktails, savory and sweet bites and hors d’oeuvres to energize everyone for the upcoming investigation. Drinks can also be varied according to your preferences and/or the theme of the party.
  1. Solve the mysteryDescription : The story’s narrator will guide guests through the twists and turns of the murder mystery. With our comprehensive party kit, you’ll have everything you need – from character profiles and instructions to plot details and clues – to keep the suspense going until the final reveal.
  1. Encourage interactionA: Encourage your guests to fully immerse themselves in their roles. From suspects and detectives to witnesses and accomplices, each player brings a unique perspective to the investigation. Encourage conversation and collaboration as you work together to uncover the killer.
  1. Revealing the culpritDescription : At the end of the investigation, come together for the dramatic reveal of the killer. Will you correctly identify the culprit or will the truth remain hidden until the very end? With our party role-playing game, the thrill of solving the crime is guaranteed!


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